The Unified Champion Schools program focuses on engaging the entire school to be involved in Special Olympics. Whole School Engagement is a youth-centered, school-focused initiative that activates all students to promote a campus culture of acceptance and social inclusion.

Whole School Engagement Components

Fans in the Stands™

All students are encouraged to come out and support their peers participating in Special Olympics events to create a positive and vibrant environment for competition.

Student Awareness & Education

Activities that fostering a campus culture based on respect, inclusion, and acceptance: Ability Awareness Day/Week; Respect Campaign; Youth Summit; Athlete Speaker.

Student Led Fundraising

Students lead fundraising initiatives for Special Olympics Northern California. Events can include the Annual Polar Plunges and School-specific fundraising.

Whole School Engagement Resources


Become a Unified Champion School




Schools that participate in a minimum of three activities: Unified Sports, Inclusive Youth leadership, Whole School Engagement, will receive a banner to proudly display at their school. Read more on How to Become a Unified Champion School



If you are interested in creating a more inclusive climate at your school, please contact us at