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About our Competitions

Through sports training and competition people with intellectual disabilities benefit physically, mentally and socially; families are strengthened; and the community at large,  is united with people with intellectual disabilities in an environment of equality, respect and acceptance.

Special Olympics celebrates and strives to promote the spirit of sportsmanship and a love of participation in sports for its own sake.  To that end, Special Olympics aims to provide every athlete with an opportunity to participate in training and competition events which challenge that athlete to his or her fullest potential, regardless of the athlete's level of ability. 

After weeks of training our athletes get the opportunity to show off their sports skills at a competition.  Athletes are divisioned by their ability level, age and sex so that they are competing against their peers of approximate same skill level.  Every athlete is awarded for their efforts with a first through third place medal or fourth through eighth place ribbon.  Athletes who get disqualified or can't complete their competition are still recognized for their efforts and receive a participation ribbon. 

Spectators are invited to come out and cheer our athletes on as they demonstrate their athletic talent.   Admission to all our competitions is free.