Forum for Inclusion

Clifford O. Findlay Middle School in North Las Vegas is creating a more inclusive environment for students with intellectual disabilities at their school. Teachers nominated students to participate in the Student Leadership Summit where students were educated about intellectual disabilities and then the students had a guided discussion about ways to include their fellow students.

 “The summit was a great way for our student leaders to meet other students on the common ground of setting a culture of respect on the Findlay campus,” said Edith Tatlock, an educator in the Autism Program at Clifford O. Findlay Middle School.

Findlay Middle School began their journey into creating a more whole school environment this fall by participating in Respect Week. Respect Week is a school-wide campaign where students take the R-Word Pledge and vow never to use the word ‘retard(ed)’. The R-Word Campaign and Respect Week are great tools for schools to engage students in recognizing ways they can end bullying on campus.

 Special Olympics Nevada and Findlay Middle School are looking forward to partnering together to bring Unified Sports to their campus. Unified Sports is an inclusive sports opportunity for students with and without disabilities. Unified Sports is a great way to foster respect among peers by working together and competing as a team. We commend Findlay Middle School, their teachers, and students for taking steps to include and engage all of their students.