SONV HEALTH & WELLNESS @ HOME online program

We are excited to offer a new Healthy Athletes® interactive online program: Health & Wellness @ Home. This program helps Special Olympics athletes and supporters to stay healthy, motivated, engaged, and connected—@ home!

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Passport to Health

We are excited to introduce the new Passport to Health. The Passport to Health is an interactive resource guide full of health tips, lessons, activities, and vital health information. Complete the passport for a chance to win a cool prize!

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The HARRY Hour

The HARRY Hour is a monthly Zoom call for athletes hosted by Special Olympics Nevada Sr. Director, Harry Mong III. Featuring special guests, Clinical Directors and Special Olympics staff, athletes learn health tips, participate in social time, dancing and crafts.

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FIT 5 Challenge 

The Health & Wellness @ Home program includes the FIT 5 CHALLENGE. The FIT 5 CHALLENGE encourages and motivates regular exercise and healthy eating & nutrition. Athletes will also be given the choice to participate in the FIT 5 CHALLENGE and work toward 5 days of physical activity (30 minutes or more), 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day and 5 bottles of water (16 oz. or more) per day. Track your progress with the Fit 5 Challenge form each week for 6 weeks and receive a prize! Email your completed forms to or post them in the Health & Wellness @ Home Facebook Group.

Six-Week Fitness Challenge form: A printable training guide with exercises each day to help athletes track their progress and stay in shape. Athletes are encouraged to cross off their progress each day and send in their completed form to for a chance to win a prize.

Fit 5 Resources Series:

  • Fit 5 Guide – Educational guide and tracker for athletes to focus on fitness
  • Fitness Cards – A series of leveled exercises in endurance, strength and flexibility. These cards can be done at home and with little equipment.
  • Fitness Videos – Videos portraying the exercises in the fitness cards. Athletes can follow along to with the videos to get a great workout!

Fit 5 Scavenger Hunt Sheet: While going for walk, use this sheet to see how many items you can spot.


Staying Fit at Home: A simple week-long calendar that athletes can follow to stay fit.  

School of Strength (NEW): School of Strength is an interactive online platform that encourages athletes to participate in a fun and engaging training program that they can do in the comfort of their own homes. Developed in partnership with WWE superstar Becky Lynch, this series of videos, a fitness tracker, a coach’s playbook and a caregiver toolkit all contribute to helping athletes focus on nutrition and fitness and getting the most out of their workouts.

Special Olympics Strong Minds

Strong Minds Activity Cards: Interactive learning activities focused on developing adaptive coping skills.

Sleeping Tips: Graphic of six healthy tips for getting a good night's rest.

Strong Mind Tips: Graphic of six healthy tips for for Keeping a Strong Mind

Special Olympics Young Athletes

Family Flash Cards: Fun and engaging flashcards featuring each of the individual activities and at home equipment modifications for families to use at home to run Young Athletes.

Young Athletes At Home: Guide for families and caregivers on how to run Young Athletes activities at home.

Young Athletes Videos: Videos demonstrating the individual Young Athletes activities.

Healthy Play at Home: Poster for families to track the various healthy behaviors they do at home.

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General Information + Resources


Special Olympics Health is made possible by the Golisano Foundation in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.