Special Olympics provides  sports training and competition opportunities to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Our athletes are like any other athlete, they like to train, they like to compete and win or lose, they always try their best.  The confidence and self-esteem they gain on the playing field carries over onto the playing field of life, helping to make them contributing members of their community.   We believe that Special Olympics is more than sports, it is "Training for Life!"

Become an Athlete

A sports season typically consists of 6-8 training practices. Practices usually take place one to two times per week in the evening or on the weekend. Each sports season culminates in a competition.  There is no cost to athletes participating Special Olympics.  

Athletes must be at least 8 years old to compete at a sports competition. Athletes between 6–7 years of age can practice, but cannot compete. 

Athlete Application for New Athletes

This is where you get your athlete application.    

Welcome to Special Olympics. 

Athlete Application for Returning Athletes

Use this form if your Athlete Application has not yet expired or expired within the last 12 months. 

We are glad you are returning. 

Atlanto-Axial Instability Release

Only applicable for athletes with Atlanto-Axial Instability.


Emergency Medical Care Refusal

Use this form if you have religious or other objections to Emergency Medical Treatment.


Athlete Appoicatio

Complete este formulario si es un atleta nuevo o renovador 

Liberación de inestabilidad de Atlanto-Axial

Sólo aplicable para atletas con inestabilidad Atlanto-Axial.  

Atención Médica de Emergencia

Utilice este formulario si tiene objeciones religiosas u otras al tratamiento médico de emergencia.